Dirt Diva

Assisted Gardening Services for Seniors and Busy Professionals

Seasonal Specialties

Spring Services:

Remove winter mulch from garden beds. lift & divide perennials. plant new perennials, deciduous, coniferous trees & shrubs. pot up cana lilies. remove winter cover off roses. deadhead daffodils. prune roses after danger of frost has passed. plant hardy pansies. plant annuals after last frost. prune candles of conifers. gradually remove winter mulch from perennials. remove faded tulips flower heads. start removal of any weeds or unwanted grass. cultivate exposed soil. add new mulch when ground is warm. check for pests & diseases. prune evergreen shrubs & hedges. prune early flower shrubs after bloom is done. plant summer bulbs.

Summer Services:

Prune evergreen shrubs & hedges. container planting annuals. mulch garden beds to conserve water and discourage weeds. plant containers & hanging baskets. stake tall perennials. continue to prune flowering shrubs after bloom. deadhead perennials that have finished blooming. deadhead annuals to encourage more blooms. prune deciduous shrubs after bloom. lift & divide crowded irises. pinch back chrysanthemums and asters. plant autumn flowering bulbs. clean & edge borders.

Fall Services:

Divide and transplant peonies, lilies & other perennials. lift gladiolus corms & calla lilies. plant evergreens. clean up plant debris. prepare & move tender plants indoors if required. lift summer bulbs after first frost. continue dead heading. plant poppies for early flowering next year. prepare new beds for final plantings. plant spring bulbs. plant shrubs, bushes, trees. pull up annuals. clean & edge borders. lightly prune rose bushes & ramblers. protect rhododendrons & young shrubs. winterize roses.  apply mulch after ground has frozen.


Holiday Services:

For Winter:
  design and decorate urns, containers and/or window boxes with evergreens and seasonal decorations.  See our "Special Events" page for additional design ideas.



For Spring:  design and decorate urns, containers and/or window boxes with hardy frost tolerant annuals and bulbs

For Fall:  design and decorate urns, containers and/or window boxes with pumpkins, gourds and seasonal decorations 



 Gift Certificates are also available for those special people in your life.  Consider giving the gift of gardening services for those special occassions such as Mother's Day, Birthdays or just for no reason at all !!

"Let me do your DIRTY work"

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